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Facing challenges in the quest for sustainable development and in touch with universal Islamic values has become a priority in stimulating prosperity and long lasting wellbeing. Actions based on the Islamic principles have determined holistic values in leading advancement and constructing the prosperity on the whole requires planning and actions that do not divert from the Creator’s guidelines and boundaries.
Continuous physical development crisis and the vacuum in producing people that comprehend the nature of gratefulness as well as the confusion in fulfilling the physical development are among clear implications from the denial of strong combination between the Islamic teaching and the current advancement in science. Hence, confusion and long, continuous debates occur as if there is no proper way to enable the emergence of a reasonable physical and spiritual development model between people’s desire and the world’s universal demands.

Acting against this vacuum, the World Conference on Islamic Thought 2012: Contemporary Challenges and Realities (WCIT2012) is structured in order to configure alternative ideas towards the delivery of a solid resolution as a guideline for the shaping of a strategic physical and spiritual development plan which is sustainable to the Creator’s values as an alternative.

The main objective of WCIT2012 is to provide an alternatif platform to dicuss the ultimate approach and design in providing an holistic development plan which is in line with Islamic thougths and It’s principles. Meanwhile, the specific objectives are three-folds, namely to explore the moderate and simple approach in realizing the sustainability of human well-being, harmonize the conventional and general understanding towards development in Islamic Thought and synthesize it in the global modernization.

Conference Date  : 11-12 September 2012
Organizer  : Kolej Universiti Islam Sultan Azlan Shah (KUISAS), Kuala Kangsar, Perak, Malaysia  (formerly known as Kolej Islam Darul Ridzuan)
Venue  :Kinta Riverfront, Ipoh Perak, Malaysia

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